Highlands Motorsport Park is a premiere tourist destination and motor racing circuit located in Cromwell, Otago, NZ. It opened back in March of 2013 and features a 4.1 km circuit that has been designed with inspiration from some of the best race tracks in the world. The circuit is available for use 7 days a week and is just 45 minutes away from Queenstown.

The circuit, which is known for its innovation, can also be experienced in a number of unique ways through the Highlands Action Experiences. Some of these are hot laps in the McLaren 650S or Porsche Cayenne Turbo as well as self-driving experiences in the Radical SR3 and Ford Mustang racing cars.

Apart from the on track experiences, there is a lot of innovation off the circuit at the Highlands Motorsport Park too including off-road buggy adventures, a go kart track, sculpture park, Jurassic safari, and The Nose restaurant. This Park is home to the National Motorsport Museum of NZ which showcases a range of machinery including some former F1 cars and some famous racers from the motorsport past of NZ.

Early in 2016, Highlands was able to acquire one of the twenty-four Aston Martin Vulcan’s produced and was the only place in the southern hemisphere where you could find one. This $4.2 million supercar was unveiled during the Highlands’ 3rd birthday celebration and the money which was generated from passenger rides over that weekend was split between 5 charities. The Vulcan is presently in display at the museum. In 2016, Highlands also started a Festival of Speed which is conducted mid-January every year.

As for racing, the Highlands 101 is an annual endurance race which is held together with the Australian GT endurance event’s last round which is one of the most popular motorsport events held in NZ each year.