There’s a whole lot going on in New Zealand over the year as far as motorsport is concerned. But, as a layman or an avid follower, you would prefer if there was some sort of guide that you could follow to know exactly what is happening and where. While there are many guides available on the internet, not all of them are exhaustive like this one.

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Here are some of the best motorsport events in New Zealand over the next few days that may interest you:

MotoTT Taupo (15th September 2017)

The MotoTT is one motorsport which will definitely cater to most peoples level of comfort. Irrespective of whether this is your first time visiting the tracks or if you have been to the tracks multiple times in your life, you’re bound to have fun here. You’ll be right at the circuit with others who are just as passionate about the sport as you are. Sounds like a day well spent wouldn’t you say?

Motul Oil Possum Bourne Motorsport Ashley Forest Rally (16th September 2017)

This popular rally was first held back in 1979 when Steve Millen won in a stock 2.3 Vauxhall Chevette. The meeting at that point had been staged over a downhill section of the forest and while the route has now changed, the excitement has not reduced in any way.

EnviroWaste Track Day Sprint Series (17th September 2017)

Here, you’re not just going to get to see some clubsport basic single-car circuit sprints, but can also try some yourself. As long as you’re over 12 years of age, you can get behind the wheel of one of these machines and give the circuit a go. You will need to have an M-Grade competition licence if you want to compete, though. But, even if you don’t want to, it will still be a lot of fun.